A selection of our projects in Europe, Caribbean and Latin America 

Europe Belgium

Antwerp 2024

We colaborate with our Belgium partner I.T.A. services to deploy up to 400 of our skilled workers and staff from Colombia and the Dominican Republic to work in the technical industry and construction branch. Existing out of skilled labour force for welding, pipefitting, scaffolding, carpenting, enginering and supervising.

Europe Denmark

Strandvejen 2019-2021

Coordination of project management and implementation of microtunneling in Hellerup Denmark for Dutch and Danish clients

Europe Netherlands

Witbrand East in Tilburg 2003 - 2004

Development of a new district called Witbrand Oost and later also West. In construction we carried out all ground floor slabs and partly upper decks for aprox 200 houses with various partners involved in the development and implementation of this district.

Caribbean Saint Martin

We are pleased to announce our participation in the development and construction of the new Saint Martin Medical Center for our Italian based partner FINSO.

This is a collaboration with the Saint Martin based partner EXECUTIVE CONSULTING.

First phase of construction for the high and low drop column rebar and steelfixing

Site visit construction management team Rietveld Group & Executive Consulting with our partner Finso at Saint Martin Medical Center

Caribbean St Eustatius

Development construction GVP school St Eustatius Dutch Caribbean 2022-2023

Largest and most prestigious project in St Eustatius rich history. Part of the 22 million investment of the Dutch government for development in St Eustatius.

Execution of the concrete work and related activities. Deployment of our staff from the Dominican Republic and Colombia.

Photo bottom right a part of our crew based in St Eustatius.

Caribbean Saba 

Project Under the Hill phase II Saba Dutch Caribbean 2021-2022

Development of social housing in Saba and partnering in the execution of the concrete work and related activities. Deployment of our staff from the Dominican Republic and Colombia

Latin America Dominican Republic

Study and design Santiago Garden Apartments

In 2015, in combination with our first visits to the Dominican Republic, we made a study for the development and construction of apartments with a sustainable and social character.

Applying an efficient construction method and sustainable materials.

Latin America Colombia

Since 2012 we recearched the various possibilities in social housing in Colombia and specificly Antioquia. We have coorperated with ISVIMED and advised in solluciones. This resulted in our broad network in Colombia and a group of well skilled proffesionals working in our group, from carpenters to management