RIETVELD GROUP on development.

Develop sustainable projects using quality materials, products and services in and from Colombia and the Dominican Republic and working with our skilled personnel at projects.
To achieve this, partnerships will be created with partners and companies that share the same inspiration.


Through a combination of deploying our workers to intenational projects and combine this with education and awarness in a perfect balans of social construct and profesionalisme, we forsee opportunities to expand our service and contribute to a economic growth in knowledge and capital in the Latin and Caribbean region  


We will support and guide our clients projects in enginering and design. To think in sustainable sollucions and paving paths to meet challanges.

Social awareness

Renovation Kembujeh Lower Basic School

In 2022 Corina de Rooij and her husband Mike Rietveld initiated the project to realize the renovation of the school buildings. We where happy to support them with the re-newal of the Kembujeh Lower Basic School in Gambia.

The students where attending school in an unsafe structure, where the roofs where leaking, floors where in a bad shape and walls where in decay. 

For us as RIETVELD GROUP its important to contribute to such projects, where especially childern can focus on their right to have a safe enviorment to attend school and create growth

Through donation and on various platforms by crowd funding, the school is renovated and we like to thank everybody involved with this project. Especially the local volunteers and the school board


We proudly support BLUE LIONS Tilburg Baseball