Management team

Ing. Dennis Rietveld

C.E.O. and founder of Rietveld Group.

Dennis Rietveld was always interested in design, creating and developing, to combine this with something that could make a difference to inspire. Finishing his education as Graphic designer followed by completing his Bachelor of Engineering (B Eng) Business Science in the Netherlands. 

Management and subsidairies 

Our management team are experts in their specific branches, development, finance.

Our subsidairies in Colombia and the Dominican Republic are managed by:

Managing director Dominican Republic: Mateo Balbuena

Managing director Colombia: Manuel Rosas Gracia

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Development and finance

Our team of profesionals in development and finance operates intenationaly and support in sollucions which are feasible financialy as well according to sustainable solutions

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We have an in-house architect, which gives us the opportunity to design but also support in the design and constructive aspect of development and construction of projects of our partners and or clients. With an own style and decades of experiance.

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